Running a web development learning platform with over 10,000 MAU, designing weekly challenges, and more.

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May 2021 โ€” Present

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Figma, GA4, Maze, Optimize

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Three years ago, I started learning web development for two reasons, one was to better understand how to translate designs into actual, usable applications, and the other to build my own products. I had learned enough HTML, CSS, and some Javascript to comfortably translate any designs I had, albeit not having the best code quality.


One of the pain points that I had whilst learning was the lack of projects to work on after learning certain concepts, queue Good Code. Good Code provided aspiring developers with design templates and challenges that they can use to practice their frontend skills. It was the MVP version of Codewell and was built puerly with HTML and CSS.


I had done some Marketing and was able to secure a good amount of sales given the amount of work I put in. I did not; however, continue with Good Code for several personal reasons and I ended up ditching the project for a year.


Fast forward to 2021, I show my friend, a developer, what I did with Good Code and we decided that the idea was worth pursuing as a side projejct while we juggle our full time jobs, ultimately leading to what is now Codewell.

The process

I spent roughly 2 months working on Codewell, understanding what features were necessary for our MVP launch, and building out an audience that could support our launch when the time came. As with any startup, I wore many hats and still do. I focus on learning things that could help the business scale, and not just learning design. Those include SEO, Marketing, Content, Analytics, and much more.


Prior to launching, I had been active on communities sharing snippets of what iโ€™ve been doing and helping out whenever I can. Platforms were primarily Reddit and Twitter. Our launch was successfully and we quickly landed a few sales.


A community-led platform

With Codewell, we want to offer developers a hub for not just templates, but useful content to help them elevate their frontend skills. We put a focus on giving users the option to post their solutions and look for feedback. Weโ€™re also now putting moer focus on content to better align with that vision.


Codewell is and always will be a WIP โ€”ย visit the website to view the product in action.