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With services like Uber Eats increasing in popularity, in-store sales have dropped for a lot of small restaurants in France. We brought back QR code scanning as a way for small restaurants to manage small scale campaigns and build relationships with their customers.

My contribution

Lead Product Designer

The team

1 x Product Designer 1 x Founder




Supporting small businesses

While big restaurants have the bandwidth to test different methods of promotions, smaller ones don’t. If a customer wants to know what promotions are currently running, they need to ask the waiter increasing time-to-order and friction. So, how might we Increase in-store sales, while maintaining or lowering time-to-order inside the restaurant?

Defining success.

After a long talk with the founder of M2E, and a lot of great insight from field research performed by the founder himself, we came up with 3 pillars that would define success for M2E.

  • Easy to create: Restaurants should be able to easily create new campaigns and promotions to share with their customers.
  • No spam: Find a non-intrusive way of notifying customers without asking for personal information too much of their time.
  • A referral system: Support smaller restaurants by allowing customers to share promotions with their friends and families.


M2E is still in development. Check again later for results.

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