Figma kits to help you design quicker.

Use kits to design quicker and focus more on the important parts of design.

Moemin Mamdouh


A big chunk of your time designing a product will be spent on things like research, analytics, interviews, and more. Another big chunk of your time will be spent on visual design.

Figma kits are a great way to save time on visual design and in this blog post, I go over 4 of my favorite Figma kits.

1) Untitled UI

Untitled UI website mockup
Untitled UI

Made using auto-layout, components, and over all built really well. Untitled UI is one of my favorite kits to use. There are free and paid options for this kit.

Download Untitled UI Kit →

2) iOS 16 Kit by Joey Banks

iOS 16 kit website mockup
iOS 16 Kit

If you haven’t used this kit yet, you’re missing out. Joey Banks has created a wonderful resource to help you design iOS apps quicker. It's kept up to date and currently includes Dynamic Island.

Download iOS 16 Kit by Joey Banks →

3) Flow

Flow website mockup

One of the best, if not, the best wireframing kits you can use to speed up wireframing. Tons of components, styles, and most importantly built using auto-layout.

Download Flow Wireframing Kit →

4) 123done

123done website mockup

One of the reasons I like 123done is because they offer more than just one kit — they even have a kit for data visualization. Their kits are not free but are worth the price tag.

Download 123done Kit →

While kits can help you design quicker, they can also limit you depending on your specific situation. Before you purchase or adapt a kit, make sure it fits your specific needs. Otherwise, you'll end up doing more maintenance, defeating the whole purpose of adapting a kit.


October 27, 2022

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