The only icon library you'll ever need.

Over 6,000 icons and a Figma plugin, do you really need more?

Moemin Mamdouh


Choosing an icon library has got to be one of the most cumbersome tasks a designer has to face. You need to consider things like icon style, licensing, weights, and much more before committing to one. Thankfully, Helena Zhang and Tobias Fried have just the resource for us.

Phosphor Icons

phosphor icons landing page

So what makes this one of the best icon libraries i've used? A couple of things.

Over 6,000 icons

My biggest gripe with most icon libraries is style. They're either too sharp, too rounded, or too...basic. I know this is subjective, but I like how Phosphor Icons look. They also come in 6 different styles, from regular all the way to duotone.

Figma and Sketch Plugins

I don't want to have to have a separate tab just for icons when i'm designing. The fact that they have a Figma plugin has been a time saver for me. I've used a couple of icon libraries, but unfortunately the ones I've used were just a Figma community file, which meant I had to keep switching between tabs when designing.

Did I mention it's free?

Not only is it free, but they're constantly adding new icons and taking requests. You can submit a request through Github, and you can support the project by donating on Paypal or Patreon. You can do all of that on their website by clicking here.


November 6, 2022

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