“Moemin has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From professionalism to organization, he’s fit seamlessly into our team process providing leadership, guidance, and critical feedback that has saved us countless hours of reiteration. Part of me doesn’t want to give him the best review because someone else will snag his talents!”

Kyle kurokawa - design director

“Moemin was a valuable asset to our team and product at a critical time in our development. When we began scaling up, it became clear that we needed a more refined UX/UI experience. Moe stepped in and exceeded expectations.All of this was obvious at one point where while talking with a customer that had used all our versions of the software started explaining how easy to understand and use was our newest version. They said that the new online payment cards and flow, built by Moe, encouraged higher use and easier management.Moe's out-of-the-box thinking and deep dive in problem solving made an amazing impact on our product, team and customers. We're yet to see what it does to the Gov Soft industry.”

atanas prechev - product owner

“Moemin has done an amazing UX and UI job in no time. He is professional, autonomous, organized and knowledgeable in his fields. The result is a project that is well handled from the start and with smooth and qualitative communication. Also, I think its worth emphasizing on the fact that he was proactive and able to justify his design choices, which is a sign of quality.”

Stéphane Hildbrand - founder