Product Designer obsessed with helping startups grow their brand.

Hi, i’m Moemin 👋 — A product designer based in Alexandria, Egypt 🇪🇬. I help startups build, launch, and grow their online presence through thoughtful design and process improvements.

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Helping you grow your brand through good design.

You have probably heard the saying ‘If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design’ but that may not make much sense to you, so let me clarify through a simple statistic.

”The Design Management Institute tracked the value of 16 publicly held companies and monitored the impact of investments in design on their stock value, relative to the overall S&P Index.

Design-led companies maintained significant stock market advantage, outperforming the S&P by over 200% for three straight years.”

It is, then, no coincidence that good design matters, and that’s why I help brands build products or completely refine their UX. Design is a creative process, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be systematic and aligned with your business objectives, which is why I kick off all my work with a discovery session to better understand your needs and objectives by hiring me.

I also run my own startup, which has been seeing an average of 35% growth month-to-month. Running my own startup has helped improve my design process and identify solutions that may be outside the scope of design.

This wide area of exposure has led me to become a better designer in all areas.

— Selected Projects

Projects that feature research, design, handoff, and design systems.

EFG Hermes

Improving the design process, collaboration between designers and developers, and implementing features.

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M2E Coupons

Allowing restaurants in Paris to easily allow current customers to share coupons with their friends through QR codes.

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Running a web development learning platform with over 10,000 MAU, designing weekly challenges, and more.

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What the people i’ve worked with are saying

Prem Hirubalan

When we were looking to redesign our startup’s website, I immediately knew I had to hire Moemin. From the start, he spent time to understand our vision and the message we wanted to convey to our users. He went as far as to research potential trademark issues for us. His designs are super, his responsiveness and ability to quickly incorporate any changes made him a joy to work with. I highly recommend anyone who need design work.

Prem Hirubalan

Founder of Leesa App

Kyle Kurokawa

Moemin has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From professionalism to organization, he’s fit seamlessly into our team process providing leadership, guidance, and critical feedback that has saved us countless hours of reiteration. Part of me doesn’t want to give him the best review because someone else will snag his talents!

Kyle Kurokawa

Owner at Kurokawa Designs

Moemin has done an amazing job. He is professional, autonomous, organized and knowledgeable in his fields. The result is a project that is well handled from the start and with smooth and qualitative communication. Also, I think its worth emphasizing on the fact that he was proactive and able to justify his design choices, which is a sign of quality.

Stéphane Hildbrand

Product Owner at Invoxia

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Instagram’s where I hang out most of the time. I regularly post bite-sized design tips and other helpful content for aspiring designers. The posts are planned to a full fledged blog soon.

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If you’re interested in my career, or wish to view my resume, feel free to do so on LinkedIn. I’m not a regular user of LinkedIn, so responses may be a little bit on the slower side.


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